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Pro Tips for your Startup Success

Are you in the early stages of starting up a business? Are you bothered about startup success or experiencing any internal fear and doubt about being successful? Following principles will surely help you release some stress! 1. Work on what you Love Ensure that you are working on an idea you are passionate about. This […]

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Why Doctors perform unnecessary Medical Tests?

Getting sick is almost like a normal thing for today’s’ generation. Weekly doctor appointments and getting yourself checked up is just like a normal routine and the physicians seem to enjoy this too. When a common man has an illness, he/she is not usually able to detect which disease or ailment he has. Doctors themselves can’t […]

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Parent and Child

Why is your child keeping secrets from you?

Some doors don’t need keys to open instead a gentle turn of handle might unlock them easily… Just like the grown-ups, children too have a regular habit of keeping secrets from the world. Something they preserve deep inside their heart, something they have full control of and are not ready to share with anyone. And […]

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A healthier Life begins in your kitchen!

Yes, you read that right! The secret to your healthy-being is lying around in your kitchen, hidden in the cabinet, chilling luxuriously in the refrigerator or sometimes tightly-quipped in containers. You just need to get hold of them and prepare a home remedy. Home remedies are, no doubt, most beneficial and convenient treatment to cure […]

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PCOS and Nutrition Therapy!

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, better known as PCOS, is a hormonal disorder that affects more than one in ten women today. It is the reason why many women suffer from missed periods and excessive hair growth in some parts of their body. They also stand a chance to suffer long-term issues such as diabetes and heart […]

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What happens when you stop going to the Gym?

In today’s life, doing gym is a new way of getting fit and being in shape. In this ‘more-is-better’ world, people are often overtraining themselves just to be in shape quicker, but overstraining should be considered as a taboo because it is quite a bit unhealthy for our body.  Overtraining can cause a mishap in […]

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Benefits of having Gratitude in our lives!

Gratitude means being thankful for the countless blessings, pleasures, and gifts we’ve in our life. It is a way of being grateful for everything you receive in life and also accepting things as they’re. No one has a perfect, sorted life. Appreciating everything big or small you have or being aware of certain downfalls in […]

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Food Adulteration & it’s effect on our Health!

Food Adulteration With an increase in the importance of food items in today’s time, the extent of adulteration in our food has also increased. The change in the natural composition of a food item that will depreciate its nutritional value is what we define as adulteration. In broad terms, the addition or subtraction of any […]

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Small Changes, Huge Impact!

“The soul, like the body, accepts by practice whatever habit one wishes it to contact” ~ Socrates Absolutely true! We’ve made ourselves so busy that we’ve forgotten to feed our soul, to treat it with great care. We’ve been messing with our body silently and indirectly. So many times, our life is caught up in a […]

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Importance of a Colourful Diet!

Whenever you have to think about diet and necessities in daily life, the focus is usually taken over by the foods that should not be consumed. But when it comes to what is the right set of foods to consume, there is usually a confusion that arises. Hearing every day that fruits and vegetables are […]

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Yoga & Meditation: Guaranteed key to Fitness!

Present Scenario In the present day, due to improvements in technology, physical workouts have taken a backseat. When traveling even a short distance for an errand, people tend to take out their bikes or cars. It has led to several problems and diseases such as obesity in the body. With time, we come to realize […]

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7 Daily Habits to keep you in shape!

Wise men have a famous saying – “Health is wealth” and even with advancement from old generations to newer ones the wise words are still popular among everyone. In today’s busy schedule, everyone finds it really difficult to maintain a balance between personal & professional life. This imbalance further leads to the entrance of stress […]

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Are we turning blind to the warnings of Nature?

What we do, how we live, how we perceive things and how we react are some of the crucial questions, answers to which can be found in nature itself. What most of us refuse to believe, is the two-way communication channel that exists between Nature and Human beings. Our actions in our daily life give […]

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Are we being fooled by our Education system?

Don’t blindly follow the trends in Education instead question the Dictatorship: The moment we step into the real world, we are introduced to a strong word ‘Competition’. The instructions are clear, to clear your competition you just need one tool i.e. Education. But with the advancement of time, the competition has surrounded the tool of […]

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4 Incredible ways to define Love!!!

Fall in love a million times to make your life better than a million others: The most common answer to the best moments in anyone’s life begins with a popular phenomenon called love. A word which is mostly preceded by a broad smile on the face & heart-skipping beats. But most of us are still […]

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All about Natural Home Remedies!

Natural and home remedies have been around for hundreds of thousands of years all over the world. People from different countries belonging from various cultures have been using home remedies to cure smallest of illness like cold, cough, etc. Of course, by being ‘natural’ their benefits are undeniable and effective. Why go to the doctor […]

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Cholesterol: Best Foods and Fruits!

Cholesterol is a fat-like chemical compound produced and regulated by the liver. Our body requires cholesterol as a building block for cell membranes and for hormones estrogen and testosterone. While cholesterol is good for our body, some of it can be equally bad. It depends on the quantity produced and accumulated in the bloodstream. It […]

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Thyroid: Best Foods and Fruits!

In Medical Language, Thyroid is explained as a Small Butterfly-shaped gland found at the base of the neck. It is located below the Adam’s apple wrapped around the windpipe. This gland makes Thyroid hormone which travels in our body in the blood. The Thyroid hormone controls the metabolism of our body of how fast calories […]

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Are we eating Junk or Junk is eating us?

Junk Food & Characteristics  Junk food is a term which has become quite common in the modern day. Yet, it has a different meaning for each one of us. Let’s take an example of Burgers. They are junk food for some people while some consider it as a primary intake. Given the era we survive […]

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Is honesty really the best policy?

What is a policy? It is something that is established or written to define a process. So, is honesty really a policy? It is not. Honesty is actually a moral value. Honesty: A Value A policy can be changed with time or depending upon the need of the hour. In countries, there are many policies […]

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The Obsession with Fair Skin Tone since Childhood!

Fair skin is an obsession today, with multiple brands advertising their products with a promise of fairer skin tone. On the other hand, dark skin is considered as a taboo, something that needs to be ridden out. History is not blank of the distinction between fair skin and dark skin. Generations of different races have […]

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These Questions will surely Change your Life!!

All of us would like to live a happy, healthy and a stress-free life. Stress is the root cause of various lifestyle diseases like Thyroid, Blood Pressure, and Cancer as well. But, being happy at heart protects you from the stresses of life. Happiness is everywhere. If you think positively, you’ll even find life even […]

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