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Melblok is successfully treating Hyper-Pigmentation Permanently!

Speaking about the Journey so far, Melblok’s Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Karan Ratti said, Karan Ratti is the Chief Marketing Officer, Melblok & Founder CEO and CSO of Ratti Corporation, which is headquartered in India and New York. The company operates the premium Anti-Pigmentation skincare brand “Melblok”. Ratti Corporation is a Beauty Company he started […]

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Scout My Trip curates Road Trips on your Finger Tips!

Speaking about the Journey so far, Scout My Trip’s Co-Founder Mr. Vineet Rajan said, Like any other journey, this one has been an adventurous one for us. ScoutMyTrip, from being chosen by FICCI as one of the top 20 travel tech start-ups, Silicon India’s list of top 10 start-ups in India, Entrepreneur India’s Top 50 […]

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Kredent InfoEdge is Simplifying Finance for all!

Journey Poor financial education is a major problem in society and Kredent InfoEdge was the earlier ones to realize this. Since 2008, the organization has been focused on training retail investors on various aspects of financial management. The offline center through various modules has trained over 10,000 participants to date. the online financial learning […]

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BookMandee will help you Buy and Sell Used Books Online!

Speaking about the Journey so far, BookMandee’s Founder Mr. Taranpreet Singh said, I launched BookMandee as an online platform to help Indians buy, sell or donate their old books online in mid-2018. Since that time, I have been involved in making its web presence and have achieved considerable web traffic over it. People from all […]

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chirpin 1 1

Chirpin unleashes the Potential of Digital Marketing!

Speaking about the Journey so far, Chirpin’s Founder Mr. Sushnato Dutta said, The journey right from the start has indeed been a topsy-turvy ride because everything, when started from scratch, demands vigor and passion accompanied by the right amount of skill and expertise to make it big in the arena. It was not an easy […]

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Crowdera will soon change this ERA for good by empowering the CROWD.

Give a brief info about your current startup, Crowdera? Crowdera is a technology company that offers an online platform framework for team fundraising, donor syndication, and corporate giving in a single value chain. The platform is designed specifically for nonprofit organizations and social innovators. Crowdera also runs the world’s first truly fee-free p2p fundraising or […]

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PinkyMind will always keep your mind Happy & Stress-Free!

Speaking about the Journey so far, Pinky Mind’s Founder Mr. Stephen T Chacko, said, Stress, worries, panic, anxiety, depression, and problems with relationships lead to discomfort for anyone. Students and householders alike are suffering from the deteriorating lifestyle. Anxiety is an impediment to corporate business goals. Employee performance has been badly affected. Customers look for […]

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BabyBumPhotography is seizing everlasting Maternity Memories!

Speaking about the Journey so far, BabyBumPhotography’s Founder Ms. Simmi Gupta, said, Being an established photographer looks like a dream come true. Initial struggle with BabyBumPhotography was challenging, particularly after leaving a well-settled job and spending long hours trying to understand the camera, equipment like studio lights, flashes, filters, lenses, etc. The excitement of getting […]

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Studio Guru

Studio Guru is capturing the Real to Reel!

Speaking about the Journey so far, Studio Guru’s Founder Mr. Gaurav Moitra, said, It’s quite a rollercoaster ride. I remember, when we started this production house, we just had one thing in our mind that we will make good films which we try to do today also. There have been lots of ups and downs. […]

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soulful serenity

Soulful Serenity heals your soul for a better tomorrow!

Soulful Serenity by Ms. Nehal Bellani, changes the world by reaching out to everyone by helping and connecting. This world needs healing, love, empathy, and compassion and it is their goal to give that to everyone they cross their paths with. Affirmation therapy and Reiki is the best way to help someone heal from everything […]

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Superfoods to Rejuvenate Mind & Body!

In summers, the only goal we have is to rejuvenate our mind, body & spirit. The key to achieve the same must be smaller but frequent snacks and meals. Smaller, but regular meals maintain the energy levels of a body. This also avoids sudden spikes and dips in sugar level.  An appropriate combination of superfoods […]

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Pro Tips for your Startup Success

Are you in the early stages of starting up a business? Are you bothered about startup success or experiencing any internal fear and doubt about being successful? Following principles will surely help you release some stress! 1. Work on what you Love Ensure that you are working on an idea you are passionate about. This […]

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Why Doctors perform unnecessary Medical Tests?

Getting sick is almost like a normal thing for today’s’ generation. Weekly doctor appointments and getting yourself checked up is just like a normal routine and the physicians seem to enjoy this too. When a common man has an illness, he/she is not usually able to detect which disease or ailment he has. Doctors themselves can’t […]

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Parent and Child

Why is your child keeping secrets from you?

Some doors don’t need keys to open instead a gentle turn of handle might unlock them easily… Just like the grown-ups, children too have a regular habit of keeping secrets from the world. Something they preserve deep inside their heart, something they have full control of and are not ready to share with anyone. And […]

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kitchen livepeppy

A healthier Life begins in your kitchen!

Yes, you read that right! The secret to your healthy-being is lying around in your kitchen, hidden in the cabinet, chilling luxuriously in the refrigerator or sometimes tightly-quipped in containers. You just need to get hold of them and prepare a home remedy. Home remedies are, no doubt, most beneficial and convenient treatment to cure […]

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