Parent and Child

Why is your child keeping secrets from you?

Some doors don’t need keys to open instead a gentle turn of handle might unlock them easily… Just like the grown-ups, children too have a regular habit of keeping secrets from the world. Something they preserve deep inside their heart, something they have full control of and are not ready to share with anyone. And […]

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“Finish Your Food” is not always the best!

As indicated by obesity specialists, the US obesity rate has dramatically increased for preschoolers and young people. Adolescents are at more serious hazard for medical issues, like diabetes, and coronary illness. All in all, how do guardians and parents should encourage kids, and the whole family, to eat some really healthy food, both at home […]


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4 Incredible ways to define Love!!!

Fall in love a million times to make your life better than a million others: The most common answer to the best moments in anyone’s life begins with a popular phenomenon called love. A word which is mostly preceded by a broad smile on the face & heart-skipping beats. But most of us are still […]

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Blue Eyes of a Stranger!

And so another story has been told, In a slightly newer version now grown old; From being told many a time before, The truth this time again it was you swore.   As the cracks began thick and fast to appear, Your blue eyes turned hard with hate and fear; Not a glimmer of any […]


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Pro Tips for your Startup Success

Are you in the early stages of starting up a business? Are you bothered about startup success or experiencing any internal fear and doubt about being successful? Following principles will surely help you release some stress! 1. Work on what you Love Ensure that you are working on an idea you are passionate about. This […]

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Why Doctors perform unnecessary Medical Tests?

Getting sick is almost like a normal thing for today’s’ generation. Weekly doctor appointments and getting yourself checked up is just like a normal routine and the physicians seem to enjoy this too. When a common man has an illness, he/she is not usually able to detect which disease or ailment he has. Doctors themselves can’t […]

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